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2020 FSA Middle School Combine

By SBunton (credits to Flight School Academy), 03/30/20, 5:45PM EDT


Flight School Academy held its 3rd Annual FSA Middle School Combine March 7th & 8th at Withrow High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. Flight School Academy has been known for developing and helping young athletes gain the right exposure at the beginning stages of their amateur campaigns. The Combine includes the top regional and national prospects from grades 6th-8th. The talent level at this years combine was very impressive as we seen the classes of 2026, 2025, and 2024 compete at a very high level.

Here are some of the Top Performers from this years 2020 Flight School Academy Middle School Combine:

Talen Noyes (PG/SG) (2024) (OH)

Talen has the intangibles to make a high school coaches job very easy, as this kid has a supreme toughness to him that is rarely seen. Talen is a strong point guard with a versatile skill set in the backcourt, where he sees the floor very well and takes care of the ball as he rarely turned it over all weekend. He also shoots the ball and showed the ability to score the ball from all 3 levels consistently for a young prospect at his age. He competes at a very high level on every possession. We witnessed him bring his team back to win one game after being down by 15 to start the game. Playing with a high motor on both ends, we can definitely see him becoming one of the top guard prospects in his class in the state of Ohio.

Jaiden Arnold (PG) (2025) (OH) - “Combine MVP”

Jaiden already had come to our combine with the pedigree of competing against the best all his very young career. This was our first chance to truly take a look at what this young "Point God" could do and needless to say, he didn’t disappoint one bit. His ability at his size to control the whole pace and flow of a game at any point is amazing at his age. He has a veteran's demeanor, as he put us in the mindset of 2003 McDonald's All American Andrew Lavender with the way he handled the ball. It was like he had it on a string, getting past defenders at will. He is blessed with an extremely high basketball IQ. Has an above average pull up game from inside the perimeter, and is a willing passer as he looks to create opportunities for his teammates. We witnessed this as he created alley-oop dunks for his wings and bigs all weekend. We are counting on him to grow as he does indeed have a long and wiry frame. If he gets between 5’11- 6’2, he’s going to be a nightmare at the next level for defenders. He could possibly be a Top #15 prospect in the country when all is said and done in his amateur career. 

Tyler McKinley SF/PF (2024) (OH)

Tyler is what you call a "Jack of all trades" with amazing size for his age (he stands at 6’5) with a great skill set beyond the perimeter at his age. Tyler has the ability to put the ball on the floor against smaller defenders and break them down to create his own shot as he can score from all 3 levels and finish plays above the rim. Tyler was one of the more athletic prospects at this years combine. Only an 8th grader, he puts us in the mindset of former NBA Champion Lamar Odom. Once he develops a consistent outside jump-shot and a identity in the post, there's no doubt in our mind he will be a consensus Top 50 prospect in the country.

Trendell Whiting SG (2024) (IL)

Mr. Whiting really lived up to what Chi-city is all about: TOUGHNESS and GRIT.  He has tremendous size at the shooting guard position and shows great poise out front. Very strong going to the basket and finishing through contact. Has a decent outside shot but can definitely work on his consistency from the outside. If he can develop and hit the three at a 30-40% clip, it will open his game up; making that strong drive and quick first step even more dangerous. We look forward to following his progress and development.

Icare Bakadisula PF (2025) (PA)

Already regarded as a Top 10 prospect in the Class of 2025, Icare might be rated lower than he should be.  Icare  AKA “The 9th Wonder” was nothing less than a monster on the boards, both defensively and offensively. He is an above average athlete by any standards or age group (especially at his grade level) as he exploded up for many high flying dunks. Once young Icare learns how to guard multiple positions, develops a strong handle, and polishes up his footwork offensively and defensively (which his footwork is not bad now just needs to be more fluid), watch out AMERICA!!!! Currently standing at 6’7, if he grows to 6’10-6’11, this young man has real “All American” potential with all the athletic intangibles he already possesses. You will definitely be hearing about this young man in the near future if he continues to develop and grow within the game.

Israel Bradsford PG (2024) (OH)

Israel is a point guard who has tremendous ball handling ability and can truly get anywhere he wants on the floor at will. Plays very strong and was one of the quickest if not the quickest guard in attendance at the combine. Very shifty as he does a great job at changing speeds and direction to keep defenders off balance. We look forward to following Israel’s progress as he enters into his freshman year of high school next season.

Trace Jallick SG (2025) (Anderson, OH) - (King of the Court Winner)

Trace is a very intriguing prospect due to his knack for scoring from the 1st and 2nd levels meaning inside and mid-range. This explains why he beat some very tough competitors in the “King of the Court” One on One Competition, where guys were only allowed 4 dribbles from the top of the key. He excels when attacking downhill. Once he gets better at reading and using angles, he will become an even stronger scoring threat. Increasing his range beyond the midrange area will also open up his offensive versatility more as well. Be on the lookout for this young man in the future. He has a chance to turn a lot of heads due to his passion, toughness and drive.

Christian Wilkins SF (2025) (Fairfield,OH)

Christian is a very aggressive and a skilled athletic scorer with great size. He already stands at 6’2 in the 7th grade. Christian already has an  impressive midrange game. But he has evolved as an athlete,  displaying increased speed and strength since we saw him the year before. Christian can become a dual threat inside and outside as he gains strength while learning to play both sides of the floor offensively. Very Intriguing Prospect with a lot of upside.


Other Notable Top Performers:

James Barnett PG (2025)
Peyton Peck SG (2024)
Andy Johnson SG (2025) - (3pt Champion)
Isaiah Richardson SF (2024)