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Runna Report EPIC: Recap

By SBunton, 09/02/19, 11:15PM EDT


Runna Report held its 4th Annual EPIC: Emerging Prospects Invitational Camp this past weekend at Lakepointe Sports Complex in Emerson, GA. Runna Report is known for finding middle school talent before they hit the national radar. This event shows that RR is on the cusp as always. With this being our first time attending EPIC, we hope it will not be the last. The camp was one of the most organized and structured events we have attended thus far. There were no meaningless games and every activity was conducted to teach translatable skills. If you're in grades 6 thru 8 and are a serious basketball player, you need to attend this camp.

There was plenty of talent in the building for EPIC, but there were a few players that really stood out to us.  Below, you will find our list of EPIC's top performers and an evaluation of each player compiled from game observations:


Curtis Givens III (2023) (TN) - In our eyes, Curtis Givens was the most complete player at EPIC. Givens displayed strong mental toughness and was never rattled in any of the games played. He "thinks" the game at a high level. He showed the ability to finish with both hands and is also a great jump shooter (hit many long 3's in rhythm). Strong scoring guard that plays with high energy. 

Braxton Jumper (2024) (TN) - Braxton has a great build for a guard. He's strong and uses his strength to attack and finish at the basket. Uses change of direction to shift defenders and keep them on their toes. Jumper's strongest attribute may be his jumper (no pun intended), especially his mid-range. He was efficient at getting to spots in the mid-range  area and knocking down the shot consistently. 

Rashad Headges (2023) (GA) - Headges impressed us with the amount of energy he brings with each possession. He was always active and never took plays off. Headges has a nose for the ball and was always in the right place at the right time. Rashad rebounds well and can knock down the open jumper when available. 

Jaylen Priester (2023) (GA) - Priester sustained an injury during the weekend, so his game play was limited . The performance we did witness from Priester was impressive. Jaylen is a strong slasher that finishes plays through contact. He is also great with his body control and uses it to his advantage when attacking the basket.

Jahseem Felton (2024) (NC) - This was our second time seeing Felton up close. Jah is a great slasher and uses his body to finish at the rim.  He also has good size and PG instincts. He is able to find the open man in scoring position. Very competitive and plays with a lot of emotion. Felton has definitely solidified his position as one of the top 5 players in the 2024 class nationally. 

Christian Anderson (2024) (GA) - We have seen footage of Christian on social media, but to see him in live action was something special. Anderson is a knockdown shooter and can hit from all points on the court. Being a smaller guard, he really knows how to get to his spots and attack gaps in the defense. He was able to get his shot off against taller defenders effectively. Christian has good court vision and tenacious on defense as well. 

Cameron Scott (2024) (SC) - Cameron is a highly intriguing prospect. He has excellent size (6'3) and length for a player his age. Cameron rebounds the ball well outside of his area. He can rebound and push up the floor. Scott handles well enough, but needs to get tighter. He has good form on his jumpshot, but needs to continue to develop more range. Scott runs the floor with the purpose to score on outlet passes. He covers a lot of area with his length and is a good shot blocker. If Cameron continues to grow and develop, he is destined to be a high major prospect.

Jamal Chambers (2023) (KY) - Jamal is a player that we have followed since the 6th grade and he has made great strides in his development. He has a strong body and brings energy on every play. Jamal is a tough guard that can get to the basket. His court vision has improved and can now play the point on the floor efficiently. Jamal is now more of a leader on the court, which is something we love. 

Kellon Smith (2023) (OH) - Kellon was the player that opened our eyes with how hard he played. He is a great athlete with lots of bounce in his game. Kellon has a quick first step that allows him to get past his defender and into the lane. Smith has a strong upper body that allows him to rebound and finish over anyone, especially with his quick second jump. Kellon has an excellent pull up jumper as well. 

Kevin Savage (2026) (GA) - Savage was one of the youngest and smallest at EPIC, but he might have had the biggest heart of anyone there. He didn't back down from any challenges. Kevin has a shifty handle and he used it to get past defenders time and time again. He was an absolute ball hawk on defense as well. 

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