March 21, 2017

Louisville Magic makes NYBL debut

Louisville Magic 2023

The Louisville Magic 2023 team has been a dominant force locally so far this year, over matching nearly every team in their age group in Louisville. So it was only right for them to test their metal against higher level competition. The 5th annual season of the NYBL kicked off this past weekend in Washington, DC and the Magic were there for the 1st session of this challenging league. This group went 3-2 for the weekend with wins against the Cincinnati Royals (OH), Swish Basketball (IL), and Bridge City Basketball (PA). Their only losses came to Team Teague (IN). The Magic were up to the challenge to prove themselves against other nationally ranked teams. The competition won't get any easier as they play in the future NYBL sessions, but this group will get better. This team is up and coming so don't be surprised if they are soon talked about as one of the best in the 2023 class. 

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